MarketInvoice is an on-line finance platform that enables a business to access upfront advances from invoices raised to their corporate or public sector debtors. A service that is much less restrictive and onerous than traditional forms of finance. Our users love our product as it is:

  • Flexible – Use only when you need to. You choose which invoices – or which customers invoices to sell – and and when, or which customers
  • Transparent – No hidden or ongoing costs. You choose what fees you’re willing to pay, and see everything up front.
  • Speed: The service takes 1 week to set up, and once in place, cash can be accessed within 24 hours.
  • Stress-free: No mandatory requirement for personal guarantees, personal debentures.
  • Confidential: For most of our users, there is no notification of the end customer.

For more information about MarketInvoice please call us on 0151 6441644.